How to Hit The Reset Button


When I ask the question to my clients how would you rate your energy? Most people judge their energy based on what they achieve on their to do list, so I often get a lot of 8/10, 9/10 and even some 10/10’s! This doesn’t necessarily reflect true energy (read on). Next I like to ask, when it comes to the end of the day or the beginning of the day, where would you rate yourself between energised, tired, fatigued or exhausted?

How do you feel first thing in the morning? 

How do you feel in the evening after all the jobs are complete? 

Do you have energy for yourself?

Did you know that your body uses the same nutrients to produce “true” energy in the form of ATP (your internal AA batteries) as it does to produce cortisol & adrenaline?

What does this mean for your body? 

It means that in times of stress your body shoves those nutrients you have been working hard to eat down the adrenaline making pathways! We are a nation of achievers, where “doing more” is our motto in life. We will do anything that will help us to achieve more e.g. taking a pain killer to keep going, drinking copious cups of coffee to stay alert and on task, skip a meal to finish an email or task, stay up late to reach a deadline, savage a high energy food/drink to keep the candle burning and rely on supplements to “fix” us and top up our energy.  When we achieve that task, we feel great, mentally giving ourselves a high five as our hit of dopamine rushes through our body and gives us that feeling of achievement which carries us through to the next task.

But somewhere in the back of your mind, you may have this tiny voice, whispering to get your attention, saying “this is not sustainable”…. and if you don’t listen to that voice and you continue carrying out your day as above you guessed it, you eventually hit that wall!

That “wall” may look like a sickness that has you resting for a few days, a week or even longer, a pulled muscle in your neck or shoulders from over working, or an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion where you just can’t bring yourself up to speed and you doubt your entire existence thinking something major is wrong as you can’t seem to fire all the cylinders!

What is happening? – Simply my friend – You are running out of steam. 

I have been here, (many times) and caught in the cortisol making cycle that eventually caught up with my hormones and digestive system (a story for another day). Over this past decade I have learned how to stop arguing & instead listen to the wisdom of my body and use the tools to support me to reset. I wanted to share them with you so you can C.O.P.E better when stress comes knocking at your adrenals!


Catch yourself:

We all have habits, but sometimes those negative loops can drain us physically, emotionally & Mentally. Let the voices of your body speak. 

Ask yourself each day – How is my energy? What fuel is my body running on? 

The more familiar you become the quicker you catch yourself going down this cycle the quicker you can make adjustments so that Cortisol doesn’t become your enemy. 


Those cravings are going to come a knocking! It’s part of the stress response process, cortisol production helps your body to access glucose so it can shift into the Sympathetic Nervous System response (Fight or Flight).  Once the stressor has passed, those glucose levels will look to be replenished. 

It’s time to interrupt that cycle. Show those cravings a new way. How can you support your body to fully recover as opposed to always giving into the “quick-fix”. Choose nutrient dense snacks to slow down the adrenaline and cortisol spiral and start the replenish cycle. (sign up to my newsletter for recipes, tips and more.)


The important sigh at the end of any tough day! 

This sigh, is your bodies way of releasing, and it is vital for the nervous system, your emotional & mental wellbeing which in turn will affect your physical wellbeing.

If you don’t release the stress from your body, you may find yourself stuck in the cortisol production pathways, running on the high of “faux” energy.  Pushing yourself, your body, your mind is ok for short-term projects, staying there is another thing. 

Help your body to adjust by stepping out of cortisol and into pause so it can boost its repair mechanisms and find the path back to the PNS. A simple deep breath, followed by a long sigh (as loud as you can) can be enough to create that pause moment allowing your body to release. 


Now its time to make your own energy. Focus on those nutrients your body has used up in getting you through that adrenaline rush, e.g. Vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, B1, B5, B12. 

Mushrooms, Cauliflower, Sweet potato, Broccoli, Beets, Asparagus, Poultry, Brazil Nuts, Walnuts, Pumpkin Seeds, Wholegrains. 

Taking the time to replenish will help your body cope when the next task that comes landing on your desk, and minimise that overwhelm feeling. 

Developing your C.O.P.Eing mechanisms gives your body the space to heal between life’s curve balls. .

I am passionate about the integration of mind, body & soul. We each have our own chemical, psychological & hormonal imprint that affects our entire well-being. What we hide from emotional shows up in the body as a symptom, and what shows up as a symptom has the ability to teach us about our mind. How we deal with life, how we deal with health –  is all connected! Learning how to integrate all parts of yourself opens the doorway to true, long-lasting health!

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