The Nourishing Breath E-book:

Are your IBS Flare-ups impacting your daily life causing you to feel more stressed?  

Have you ever considered the role of your emotional health on your digestive health and well-being? Your body has a unique and wonderful way of communicating with you how it is feeling. It speaks to you through its own voice, your nervous system. When you are experiencing emotions like overwhelm, anxiousness or worry your body can experience these as a stressor, causing your body to step into a Flight or Flight Response. 

When stressed, your nervous system communicates to you using actions like tightening,  bracing, numbing, freezing, holding. It also sends signals to your body through movements, sensations, pain, breathing patterns, and the rhythm of our heartbeat. These messages can directly impact your digestion health through how they communicate with your stomach, your liver, your gallbladder, your gut-lining and gut wall. This impacts how well you digest your food, how easy it is for you to access and absorb the nutrients in your food and how efficient your elimination of waste is. You may experience this as tension in the gut, bloating, cramping, irregular bowel movements etc. 

 Just like food, your emotions need to be processed and digested so you can absorb what you need or have learned from life’s journey and eliminate, let go and move on from what is no longer serving you! When we do this with ease, we build a flexible and resilient nervous system which is essential to health and wellbeing. Many IBS sufferers can experience flare-ups in their symptoms during stressful times often feeling “stuck” in repetitive emotional situations or habits, that can have a gut-wrenching effect. 


Welcome to the power of your breath!

Your breath holds the power to anchor your body during these times, guiding it back to the Parasympathetic branch of your nervous system known as “Rest and digest” or “Tend and Befriend”. Discover the power of your nourishing breath and its profound impact on your gut health and nervous system with Naturopathic Nutritionist, Intuitive Chef, Yoga teacher & Yoga Psyche Soul Graduate Lorraine Demetriou in her E-book “Nourishing Breath”.  


Why Breathwork and Yoga for IBS Relief?

It might surprise you, but the ancient yogic practice of “Pranayama”, commonly known today as breathwork holds a vital key to unlocking your energy and vitality through supporting your IBS symptoms & reducing those flare-ups that are triggered by your stressors. Here’s how:

1. Mind-Body Connection: Your breath emphasises the connection between your mind and body, teaching you to listen to your body’s signals and respond with compassion. By understanding your body’s unique needs, you can better manage those IBS triggers and also develop a connection to your inner wisdom – your intuition. Your truest Self!

2. Become more stress aware: Chronic stress is a known trigger for IBS flare-ups. Your breath equips you with powerful techniques that allow you to stay present with the feelings of stress. Join Lorraine and learn how to stay present with your body so you can deepen your resilience and coping mechanisms to life’s daily challenges. 

3. Digestive Support: Certain yoga poses and movements can stimulate blood flow to your digestive organs, aiding digestion and alleviating discomfort.

4. Nervous System Harmony: Your breath works on the parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the “rest and digest” branch of your Nervous system. By activating this calming branch of your nervous system, you can reduce the hyperactivity of the gut often associated with IBS.

5. Lifestyle Tips: The Nourishing Breath E-Book goes way beyond just breathing! It teaches you the science behind your gut-brain connection, how to access your Para-sympathetic nervous system, how to know when your Sympathetic Nervous System is in charge and how these are connected to your unconscious coping mechanisms. Don’t miss out on the BONUS Video library so you fully understand, integrate and enjoy the benefits from these practices. 

 “Nourishing Breathe E-book with Breathwork guide will take you through these breath practices and poses step-by-step so you can embody all the benefits and incorporate these into your daily routine. 


Purchase the Nourishing Breath now, and you will get immediate access to our BONUS VIDEO LIBRARY containing

 4 easy-to-follow Pranayama/Breathwork video practices 

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What Nourishing Breath Offers:

  • Expert Guidance: “Nourishing Breathe” is written by Nutritional Therapist & Gut-Health expert Lorraine Demetriou who understands the unique challenges of IBS and stress management.

  • Access your inner healing powers: Discover the power of your nervous system and how you can access and switch on the “rest & digest” branch of your nervous system enabling you to build inner-resilience and better coping mechanisms for dealing with life’s daily challenges. 
  • Gut-Brain Connection: This e-book & mini-course beautifully weaves together the science behind your gut-brain connection and how your gut is much more than somewhere to physical breakdown of food. Learning to tap into the sensory side of your body and mind can unlock the door to releasing the tension that is held in your gut.

  • Develop a toolkit for stress: This e-book helps you to understand the stress addiction and how to know when your Fight/Flight/Freeze response is in charge. 


  • Accessible Breathwork & Yoga Routines: You don’t need to be a yoga master to benefit from this eBook. To ensure that you fully experience the power of your breath, when you purchase this e-book you will get immediate life-time access to 4 easy-to-follow Pranayama/Breathwork video practices and a bonus Yoga for Digestive Health routine suitable for all levels!

"Some doors open from the inside, Breath is a way of accessing that door"
Max Strom

Journey of Others:
" "The Nourishing Breath" is a must-read for anyone looking to connect the dots around their IBS, bloat, digestive discomfort and the stress in their lives. Lorraine does an exceptional job of marrying scientific knowledge with practical application, making the complex relationship between breath and gut health accessible to all readers. Reminding us that sometimes, the most profound transformations start with a single breath.