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Your health story is intertwined with your digestive system & your digestive health is shaped by your nervous system, especially in those challenging & stressful times. 

Your digestive health is the core to your overall health!

Your gut & brain and their connection are actively shaping your gut-health daily, influencing symptoms like bloating, heart-burn, reflux, loose stools, constipation etc. 

Your lifestyle plays an active role in determining your digestive health experience!

If you wish to overcome your gut-wrenching symptoms and end the struggle with IBS, you need to build a lifestyle that supports all aspects of well-being! 

Our Gut-Instincts Program teaches you a comprehensive scientific framework to repair your gut from chronic gut conditions like IBS. This framework is build around our unique approach to healing & well-being. One that incorporates nourishment for body, mind & soul! 

You will receive access to over 20 hours of video content, that teaches you how to nourish your gut from the kitchen, how to get the most from your food, practical nervous system exercises, yoga for digestive health plus educational videos so you understand every step of your digestive system and the work it has to do from the moment food enters your mouth. 


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Before You Begin

The several layers of wellness through food
When you are transforming the way you think and feel about food and your body, you are making HUGE changes! Most of your habits today are deeply rooted all the way back to your early childhood and how you learned to eat, what food meant to your family, how you ate, if you enjoyed food or were a picky eater etc.