Before You Begin

When you are transforming the way you think and feel about food and your body, you are making HUGE changes! Most of your habits today are deeply rooted all the way back to your early childhood and how you learned to eat, what food meant to your family, how you ate, if you enjoyed food or were a picky eater etc. Becoming aware of your patterns around food, cooking, eating, movement and the bigger picture of life can become overwhelming.

So when you think you can’t –  BREATHE and read on.

Whenever there is a mission, there is a vision and for many when it comes to health and well-being the first focus is often on weight-loss, which, immediately can lead to having a diet mentality – where counting calories, weighing food, focusing on certain food groups etc. become more important than the transformation itself. 

This mentality is the reason you may have failed in the past, and maybe not just once. To truly feel healthy within your body, to have real and lasting energy, to feel fit takes commitment and developing an understanding around what your body needs.  As we work together you will gain the tools to understand your body, it’s cravings, and how these cravings can reflect deeper emotional needs. 

So, whenever you feel overwhelmed, take a breath and come back to this page. Re-read and repeat to yourself.

  • I can do this, 
  • I am open to learning and overcoming whatever challenges come my way
  • I approach my body with love and understanding that its needs may be deeper than I am aware.
  • I am committed to making the changes, and know my body will thank me.
  • I will go at a pace that is comfortable for me, knowing I am moving in the direction that is my divine right!

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