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Lorraine is a qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist, Medicinal & Mindful Food Chef , Yoga teacher, and Digestive Health Navigator.

Her passion is your gut!

Creator of the 8 Week “Wholistic” Digestion Program (soon to come online) and TIME TO THRIVE mindful Nutrition program, I am passionate about real health, and teaching others how to create a lifestyle that allows them to tap into true energy, vitality and understand their body and mind on a deeper level. Having studied Yoga, intuitive cooking and Naturopathic Nutrition I am extremely passionate about connecting the body and mind, and helping my clients to create a deeper awareness around their symptoms.

Everyone’s homestatic/Sattvic state is different, we each have our own chemical, psychological and hormonal imprint which affects our digestion and well-being. Digestive wellness is more than adjusting your food intake, it is about balancing your body systems in a way that recognises the importance of all things that lead to a sattvic/homeostatic state of wellness.

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Before You Begin

The several layers of wellness through food
When you are transforming the way you think and feel about food and your body, you are making HUGE changes! Most of your habits today are deeply rooted all the way back to your early childhood and how you learned to eat, what food meant to your family, how you ate, if you enjoyed food or were a picky eater etc.