1-2-1 Gut Coaching

My approach to your wellbeing is focused around you, and where you are on your journey to health. I bring together my various backgrounds and expertise in nutrition, naturopathy, yoga & cooking so together we can uncover the habits and lifestyle patterns that led to a body showing symptoms of illness or Dis-ease!
In my experience, symptoms are our bodies way of communicating that something is not right, some system/s or organ is out of balance, needs some extra nourishment and TLC. By understanding your body, identifying your habits and lifestyle patterns, you can work towards creating a body that is balanced, healthy and thriving. You will learn how to truly nourish your body and forget the gimmick quick fixes.

The initial Consultation: 

For your initial consultation we will spend time understanding each system of your body so we can get an insight into where your imbalances lie. This process takes 1 hour, after which I will develop a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan for you so you can learn how to nourish your body and address your health issues through food, breathing techniques & body movement. You will also receive a restorative recipe pack designed to bring balance to your body.

“We are emotional, physical and spiritual brings who long to feel connected, feel strong emotionally and physically and feel healthy.”

Qualifications and Certifications:

Dip. Naturopathic Nutrition
Dip. Intuitive Cooking, School of Natural Cookery, Colorado, USA.
Cert. Train the trainer, Skillsnet
200hr Diploma in Hatha Yoga, Universal Yoga, Arambol, India.
50hr Yin Yoga, Arhantha Academy
300hr Yoga psychology, (ongoing) ashley Turner
CPD, Yoga for Womens health, Elbow Room.