About Lorraine

Lorraine Demetriou​

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Intuitive Chef, Yoga Teacher, Founder of Thrive With Lorraine & Thrive Cafe.

Lorraine Demetriou is a Holistic Health specialist for those lost in the symptoms of their digestive discomfort & illness, looking to up-level their cooking skills while navigating their symptoms and support their mental health & whole-body wellbeing through mind-body techniques.  

She has combined over twenty years as a Naturopathic Nutritionist with her Intuitive Cooking background & yoga teacher journey to create her innovative trainings – Gut Instincts (12 week Holistic Gut-health program), Time to Thrive Membership and Thrive Wellness Hub – fusing Nutrition Science, ancient Eastern Medicine practices, yoga, meditation, neuroscience, psychology, & Intuitive Cooking through the senses.

She teaches evidence-based tools & techniques inside the kitchen, on the yoga mat & in life to help clients take a step-by-step approach to their digestive health. Teaching her clients how to adapt their lifestyle without compromising flavour, how to tap into the essential self-regulating & healing side of their nervous system so they can heal on all levels. She is a passionate advocate for shifting out of the “diet” culture and helping her clients to develop a nourishing repertoire that calms, soothes & heals on a cellular level. She takes a holistic approach to mental health understanding the vital gut-brain connection and it’s essential role in digestive symptom flare-up.

“We are emotional, physical and spiritual brings who long to feel connected, feel strong emotionally and physically and feel healthy.”

Your Health Journey...

When “disease” shows up, it can be triggered for a number of reasons and not always because of something you ate or didn’t eat. We are often not “at ease” in our lives nor living from our truth and so rely on foods for quick fuel and often forget about nourishing ourselves.

We lack positive routines, so exercise, self-care, meditation, breath-work and stretching have lost their importance in our culture. “Out of sight, out of mind”. We are focused on survival where work, busy schedules and “doing” are top of our priority list. We have lost direction through this disconnection; often looking for it in places like money, power and promotion.

Let’s change direction! It’s time to focus on just you; your body, your mind and your spirit and create a positive lifestyle that not only feeds you but nourishes you from within!

How I Can Help...

I take a Naturopathic and functional approach to wellness.

Rather than approaching wellness from a symptom suppressing and purely medical model,

I consider the whole person by addressing the problem at the root!

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Intuitive Chef, Yoga Teacher, Founder of Thrive With Lorraine & Thrive Cafe

Lorraine Demetriou

Your Holistic Healing Guide

I am so excited to be working with you to help you achieve your ultimate goal of wellness. I love working with people to help them reconnect with their bodies and feel amazing by changing the way they eat, learning to tune into their own bodies, to develop positive routines and to discover the fun and creative world of cooking for your health. I understand what it feels like to be unsatisfied with your own health and feel uncomfortable in your own skin as well as how challenging and overwhelming it can all feel, especially if you are feeling tired, unmotivated and overwhelmed. But when there is wil, there is a way!

Lorraine's Qualifications and Certifications:

Dip. Naturopathic Nutrition
Dip. Intuitive Cooking, School of Natural Cookery, Colorado, USA.
Cert. Train the trainer, Skillsnet
200hr Diploma in Hatha Yoga, Universal Yoga, Arambol, India.
50hr Yin Yoga, Arhantha Academy
300hr Yoga psychology, (ongoing) ashley Turner
CPD, Yoga for Womens health, Elbow Room.