Mindful Cooking for Gut-Health Masterclass:

Boost your Gut-health from the kitchen!


Join me for a deep digestive culinary dive… 


This is much more than a cooking class…

I am bringing you a unique masterclass that not only combines fabulous food  with mouth-watering flavour & digestive healing  properties, but also helps you to  access the essential pathways within your body that are involved with digesting a meal. 
You will learn practical mindful practices, that stimulate the essential vagus nerve  enabling you to unwind & unlock your creativity, switching on  & reving-up those essential digestive juices.


Grove House, Munny, Tullow, Co. Carlow (R93F902)


Saturday, November 12th –  10am-3pm.

Investment: €149

Early Bird €129 (use code THRIVE before 5th November)

Your gut is your biggest elimination organ, it helps you to rid your body of toxins and waste. When it is not functioning optimally it affects your hormonal system, your immune system, your circulation system, your ability to detox & your mental health. 

When your gut is happy (low inflammation, healthy lining, plenty of good bacteria, low dysbiosis) it helps your body to maintain balance within these systems, and allows you to get on with living life! No matter where you are on your health journey, looking after your digestive is number ONE. Once your digestion is functioning at its best, this creates the foundation for your body and all its systems to find balance. 

All disease begins in the gut


Over the course of the day, you will not only learn how to make nutrient dense meals that support your gut-health and boost natural healing mechanisms within the body, you will also get to experience first-hand how these foods can calm & soothe your digestion & entire body. 

This class is designed as an interactive day where you will get to enjoy a culinary feast for your gut & senses. 

We will Make;


Renowned Thrive Café Graneusli


Seasonal Probiotic Building Ferments



Mouth-Watering Digestive Friendly Power Snack


Fibre-filled & sustaining Meals


Delicious Digestive Elixirs


A Feast for the Senses


Using Organic & Local Produce

You will learn practical tools to:

  • Nourish – discover foods that stimulate, reduce inflammation, rebuild cells & tissue, improve sluggishness & calm your digestion.

  • Inspire –Exploring food mindfully, can help you to change how you feel about food, change the conversation around food, & change your health!

  • Connect – step-up your creativity, explore flavour, connect to food in its truest form & feel excited about food again. 

  • Align – learn the essentials to a strong gut-brain connection and how using your senses in the kitchen can be a gateway to your nervous system, enabling your body to activate it’s own healing powers.

  • Build – take home not only the recipes and knowledge, but the joy of learning that you have what you need to create and build health from within.


This class is for you if:

  • You are ready to take the next step in your gut-health journey
  • The way you are eating is not working for you or your body
  • Stress and fear are affecting how you cook, eat and feel.
  • You would like to explore flavour and how it influences the body
  • You would like to dedicate some time to self-care
  • You would like to tap into your creativity.
  • You want to feel excited about food again!

Meet your teacher:

“As soon as I connected to my intuitive inner chef, I reconnected to my health and found my power, now I want to teach you how to discover that power within you.”

About Lorraine Demetriou;

Naturopathic Nutrition Therapist, Intuitive Chef & Yoga Teacher

Lorraine Demetriou is the co-founder of Thrive Café  & Founder of Thrive with Lorraine – a Holistic Health specialist for those lost in the symptoms of their digestive discomfort & illness. Lorraine is passionate about teaching you how to navigate your symptoms while reducing overwhelm in the kitchen, helping you to fall in love with food again. Her toolkit is much more than cooking, she is passionate about  nourishing your entire body, inviting you to journey through your digestive health from within, encompassing the vital nervous system & its impact on your gut health,  mental health & wellbeing.  

She has combined over fifteen years as a Naturopathic Nutritionist with her Intuitive Cooking background & yoga teacher journey to create her innovative trainings Gut Instincts – (12 week Holistic Gut-health program), Time to Thrive Membership and upcoming Thrive Wellness Hub – fusing Nutrition Science, ancient Eastern Medicine practices, yoga, meditation, neuroscience, psychology, & Intuitive Cooking through the senses.

She teaches evidence-based tools & techniques inside the kitchen, on the yoga mat & in life to help clients take a step-by-step approach to their digestive health. Teaching her clients how to adapt their lifestyle without compromising flavour, how to tap into the essential self-regulating & healing side of their nervous system so they can heal on all levels. She is a passionate advocate for shifting out of the “diet” culture and helping her clients to develop a nourishing repertoire that calms, soothes & heals on a cellular level. She takes a holistic approach to mental health understanding the vital gut-brain connection and it’s essential role in digestive symptom flare-up.