January Detox Retreat

A Weekend Retreat to Detox your Body, Mind & Soul!


Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th Jan 2023!

This is the Perfect Retreat to…

  • Balance Blood Sugar Levels
  • Support Hormones
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Increase Natural Balanced Energy
  • Improve Skin Condition and Slow Aging
  • Dissolve Stress

Learn how to ditch your sugar cravings, reclaim your health, reduce stress & its effects on your body & mind. Reconnect to food & Regain confidence in the kitchen.

Your liver after your skin is your body’s largest elimination organ. Every minute, hour and day, your liver is working hard to produce and store what is needed by your body & to break-down  and eliminate what is no longer needed.  Our bodies are bombarded with more toxins than ever, overtime these toxins can  become an ongoing source of ill health, causing you to feel fatigued, sluggish, struggle with brain fog & lack concentration, feel like your always battling sickness.

Join Lorraine Demetriou for a weekend dedicated to stimulating, nourishing & supporting this amazing detox organ!

Saturday 7th January

10am – 4pm

Discover a way of eating that nourishes, supports & heals!

How we detox is essential to liver health & well-being. Forget Harsh detoxes, these can be dangerous to the body, especially if are also struggling with gut-health issues. Detoxing is part of everyday life and its essential to support your body to eliminate toxins and waste safely, this in-turn will support hormonal health, inflammation & overall energy. 

Spend the day exploring the wonderful detox herbs, nutrients & flavours your kitchen has to offer!


  • How to create a cleansing morning ritual & breakfast packed with anti-oxidants & nutrients to support your liver.
  • Feel fully nourished with our detox lunch packed with seasonal micronutrients to support elimination. 
  • Enjoy an indulgent dinner & snack that satisfies those sweet taste-buds while offering your body so much more.  
  • Understanding how you can incorporate the food traditions of Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda & Naturopathic Medicine to support liver cleansing. Plus so much more:  

WHAT TO EXPECT: (approx. timings)

10am Intro + Morning Routine & Demo

11am:  Breakfast is served

11:30-2:30pm: Cooking demonstration 

2:30-4PM:  Enjoy a full meal, Q & A, Health Pack & more.

Sunday 8th January

10am – 4pm

Learn the lifestyle to support your detox & elimination!

Step out of the “doing” mindset and onto your mat to discover a way of “being” to support your liver, health and soul with compassion. Everyday we accumulate toxins both physically & emotionally, which can accumulate to impact both body & mind, leading over time to illness & anxiety. Lorraine combines her yoga & yoga psychology training to equip you with the tools to transform sluggish habits,  residual anger, guilt & shame into vitality, freedom & fun. 

Spend the day exploring your health from a mind-body perspective!



  • Movement to support detox pathways in the body
  • how the Breath is a bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind
  • How to release stress, physical pain & support your liver using breath work + mindfulness practices. 
  • A journey to knowing yourself through the eyes of your liver.
  • Understanding how you can incorporate the cleansing rituals of yoga psychology & Naturopathic Medicine to support liver cleansing. Plus so much more: 
WHAT TO EXPECT: (approx. timings)
10am Intro + morning meditation
11am – Organic Breakfast smoothie/juice
11:15-12pm – Journaling & sharing circle
12 – 1PM – Yoga Flow to stimulate Liver 
1PM -2PM Organic Lunch & Nature Walk
2 -3pm – Restorative Yoga
3 – 4PM – Yoga Nidra 


"Health is a relationship
you have with your body"

About Lorraine Demetriou;

Naturopathic Nutrition Therapist, Intuitive & Medicinal Chef, Yoga Teacher

Lorraine Demetriou is the co-founder of Thrive Café  & Founder of Thrive with Lorraine – a Holistic Health specialist for those lost in the symptoms of stress, illness & digestive discomfort. Lorraine is passionate about teaching you how to navigate your symptoms while reducing overwhelm in the kitchen, helping you to fall in love with food again. Her toolkit is much more than cooking, she is passionate about  nourishing your entire body, inviting you to journey through your digestive health from within, encompassing the vital nervous system & its impact on your gut health,  mental health & wellbeing.  

She has combined over fifteen years as a Naturopathic Nutritionist with her Intuitive Cooking background & yoga teacher journey to create her innovative trainings Gut Instincts – (12 week Holistic Gut-health program), Mindful Gut Cooking Masterclass,  Thrive Wellness Hub and many more – fusing Nutrition Science, ancient Eastern Medicine practices, yoga, meditation, neuroscience, psychology & Intuitive Cooking through the senses.

She teaches evidence-based tools & techniques inside the kitchen, on the yoga mat & in life to help clients take a step-by-step approach to their digestive health. Teaching her clients how to adapt their lifestyle without compromising flavour, how to tap into the essential self-regulating & healing side of their nervous system so they can heal on all levels. She is a passionate advocate for shifting out of the “diet” culture and helping her clients to develop a nourishing repertoire that calms, soothes & heals on a cellular level. She takes a holistic approach to mental health understanding the vital gut-brain connection and it’s essential role in digestive symptom flare-up.