The Journey of Others

Carol’s Journey: 

“I suffered with IBS for many many years. I had tried everything low fodmap, dairy free, gluten free to intolerance testing and I even went vegan at one stage. Nothing I tried stuck and nothing changed for my symptoms. The doctors just pushed medication on me and I finally had enough.  When you give restrict yourself so much, it starts to really affect you and mentally. 

FINALLY I can honestly say completing Lorraine’s Gut Instincts course has worked and worked for the long term. This course has taught me that you first have to reset your digestive system, to then detox and restore it back to functioning how it should.

I have learned that its not just food, its the full circle – sleep, stress, the pressure we put on ourselves. And even how I always push through everything rather than stop to listen to my body. The yoga element of the course helped me hugely which completely surprised me, as I would have been afraid to try it because I found it very hard to relax. I was one of those people where a million things were going through my head when I was suppose to be switched off. I am now a changed woman, I feel amazing I have gone back on foods I have given up for years. I now have all the tools and techniques required to fuel my body and feel absolutely Fantastic! I can’t thank Lorraine enough she is not only a fountain of knowledge but she really cares and is so warm and open, A truly amazing person. I did take before and after pictures of the 12 week process and it’s very obvious my before picture is my body screaming there’s a huge problem. I look 4 months pregnant if not 6 and I have never been pregnant or have any children. Thanks again Lorraine for changing my quality of life. I am a new and better version of myself and that is all because of you. I can guarantee anyone suffering with digestive issues and completes this course will see long-lasting results.

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