Mindfully Nourished

"Harness the power of yoga and self-regulation tools to unlock tension, release resistance, and embrace nourishment."

A 4 Week Journey to refill your self-care cup and conquer the chaos!

From life’s constant hustle with the never-ending news updates, and “to-do” lists that never seem to shrink – we are existing in a world that constantly plucks on our adrenal strings pushing us into states of constant overwhelm and anxiety, depleting our body’s systems (digestion, hormones & adrenals) from nourishment and pulling on our energy reserves. More than ever we need time for deep rest, replenishment and a genuine reset.

Mindfully Nourished is a a four-week inward journey where together we will explore the realms of body, mind, and spirit through yoga, breathwork, journaling, nervous system practices and fun. By curating the space to slow down and embody stillness, we give the systems of our body the chance to tap into their innate powers and natural wisdom, allowing ourselves to drop into those moments between pushing ourselves and letting go. 

Join me on this quest for serenity and rejuvenation, its’ time to find balance, build resilience and rediscover the simply joy of deep relaxation. 

Starts Saturday January 20th.


Saturday Jan 20th, 27th, Feb 3rd & 10th  

10:00am – 12:30pm

The Wellwood Centre, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow. R21 N624

We’ll explore

  • A journey to knowing yourself through the eyes of your Gut, brain & heart.
  • Ways to replenish & build resilience through the internal power of your nervous system
  • Practices to move out of the fight or flight response and into embodied nourishment.
  • Slow and fluid movement to tap into your truest energy,  from the inside out
  • Restorative postures that can be woven into your daily practice
  • Yoga Nidra & Meditation to refill your inner cup
  • Pranayama (breathwork) to activated your digestion and balance your hormones
  • The voices of your energy channels (chakras)
  • The role of balance in the wellbeing of any system

Each week, we will step into our feminine flow, through Movement, Mantra and circle Medicine we will come together as community to tap into the voice of our intuition, listen to call of our body systems and explore our emotional body. You’ll leave feeling grounded, connected, rejuvenated, loved and present. Experience the magic that happens when women gather and you take time for fill up your cup! 

  • Module 1: Finding compassion – Learning to meet our unique needs
  • Module 2: Coming to our senses – Exploring your body through the eyes of your symptoms and senses
  • Module 3: Emotional Processing – working with the Window of Tolerance to explore the art of letting go.
  • Module 4: Becoming Her – Discovering your Inner-Yogini

We cannot think our way to health, but learn to feel our way by cultivating deep trust for ourselves and the journey to unfold. Join me this January and let’s set your course for 2024.

 Step out of the “doing” and onto your mat, to discover a way of “being” that supports your entire body. 


Lorraine Demetriou

Lorraine combines her naturopathic Nutrition expertise with her yoga & yoga psychology training to equip you with the tools to transform sluggish habits,  residual anger, guilt & shame into vitality, freedom & fun. 

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"Lorraine is a wealth of information"

“When someone figures out what really matters within personal health-care, executes and applies it in her own personal journey, then shares her knowledge, her enthusiasm and her passion with those scrambling for help you are onto a winner!

Your Journey will be enriched and your gut-health enhanced, thank you Lorraine, Your classes are amazing!!

– Vera

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