Distressed Gut
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7th February 2024, 8pm GMT.

Distressed Gut –

Navigating Inflammation & Overwhelm.


Inflammation is your bodies innate response to protect you, to heal you & to ensure you stay alive!

The problem nowadays, is that inflammation is rampant, and activated even when your body does not require it. This then has a knock on effect not only on your GUT health, but on the health of every single cell of your body. 

We hear about inflammation everywhere, but it can be overwhelming to understand what is triggering your inflammation, and learn how to manage it. 

Are you ready to  learn what YOU can do on a daily basis to support your GUT health in my Online Masterclass?


Inflammation is not only connected to how you feel physically e.g. pain.  Inflammation affects your emotional well-being and can drive feelings of anxiety, depression & stress to an all-time high!

Join my Masterclass if you would like to:

  • Understand what your gut health has to do with inflammation.
  • How your nervous system offers an essential tool to resetting your body & calming inflammation & overwhelm.
  • + 3 things your doctor isn’t likely telling you about your digestive issues.

Are you ready to shift from the traditional way of thinking about your health, the model that drives calories, pills and band-aids and expand your wellness model towards nourishment & restorative nutrition?

Would you like to learn how my 4 pillars to gut health are designed for life-long health, not just for your gut but for your whole being!

If this sounds good to your gut, then join me for my FREE online Health Talk.


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